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We are very lucky in Tasmania to have a true autumn, this gives us the opportunity to have some spectacular deciduous trees that put on an amazing display every year.

Some favourites are:

Acer palmatum – Japanese maple
A great small tree for any garden, plant them in a sheltered spot and they will reward you with a stunning autumn display of reds and yellows.

Nyssa sylvatica – Tupelo
The attractive form and ornamental bark on this large tree make it a feature year round in the garden. Its autumn foliage transitions through yellows to deep burgundy.

Acer October glory – Canadian Maple
With a uniform habit and excellent late autumn colour the October glory is a great choice for parks, large gardens and street scapes.

Cercidiphyllum japonicum – Katsura Tree
In autumn the heart shaped leaves of the Katsura tree take on autumnal hues of gold, orange and red. A fantastic medium tree for most garden situations.

Pistacia chinensis – Chinese Pistachio
A relatively slow growing feature tree that has fantastic glowing autumn colours. The pistachio can handle a range of conditions provided there is adequate drainage.

We have a huge range of deciduous trees in stock, well worth a visit to the nursery to see the colours for yourself.

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