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Looking for new ideas?

Westland Nurseries can help you out.

Westland Nurseries offer a comprehensive garden consultation service. One of our qualified team of horticulturalists will attend your site and work with you to develop a basic plan that suits your location, site and specific needs. 

Our staff have years of experience and local knowledge to share which will ensure that you get the most out of your
new garden.

For larger projects or if you wish to have a full detailed garden plan drawn up please approach a qualified garden designer to assist you. 

Our garden consults consist of the following services:

  • We travel to your site for an inspection. We will then
    work with you on site to develop a basic concept to
    suit your needs.

  • Follow up via email or phone to confirm the results.

  • Garden Consultations are charged by the hour, with a minimum 2 hour charge of $300 including travel time
    with $100 per hour thereafter.

  • For further information please contact us via the box below.

* This service is only available to Hobart and surrounding areas. For northern Tasmania please call to see if we can still assist over the phone or recommended someone in your area. 

You can contact us via email
to make an appointment

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