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Planting & Delivery Service 

  Our service doesn't end when you have purchased your plants.

  We can deliver Statewide (subject to availability) whilst also providing a planting service by qualified Westland Nurseries staff for the south of tassie only. Sorry to the north. 

  With years of experience and the right equipment we are able to ensure your plants are delivered safely and planted correctly, giving them the best possible start in your garden.

  Our planting service is for plants/trees 35 litre bags and above and the plants must be purchased directly from Westland Nurseries. This services is for planting only and does not include any hard landscaping.

  Given this is a service we have very limited team members available so if we fill the planting becomes more than what we can assist with we may ask you to engage with a landscaper. You'll then have someone who can assist with all the landscaping needs. 

Things to note: 

* Delivery fees are charged at time of purchase. 

* Planting fees start from $180 per hour and charged after the completion of the job. If extra people are need a extra fee of $90 per person per hr will apply. 

* We only plant our own trees. We can't assist with moving or replanting trees or shrubs already in the garden or purchased from another place. 

* This is a service and we may ask you engage with a landscaper depending on the numbers and location

*  Sundry items such as stakes and planting mix used will be invoiced at the conclusion of the job. 

* We are happy to deliver to your driveway. We cannot carry trees up long driveways, down hills or around houses where there may be damage to the tree or property or unsafe for delivery team members.

* Our  trucks are up to  4.4m height and require this clearance to reach the driveway or down a street or drive under overhanging trees

* Sundry items such as stakes and soil will be charged as needed.

Retail deliveries are scheduled for Tuesdays and are subject to availability, please allow a minimum of 7 - 14 business days. 

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